On the menu

He hadn’t been planning to hire anyone. But Chloe walked in and by the time she’d finished her coffee she’d told him a whole lot of things that made sense—that might help him get out of the red. So he told her he was looking for someone. Did she want a job?

He’d never met anyone like her. She dressed in hippy chic. Came across as flighty but she knew how to balance a ledger and a whole lot more besides. She never seemed flustered. Within weeks they had a new menu, she’d painted a mural on the wall behind the servery and they’d opened up the courtyard. Business doubled. Mark couldn’t believe he’d found anyone like her. It would have been perfect, but every night Stav came past for her on his old Vincent. And every night Mark went home alone.


2 thoughts on “On the menu

  1. Is this blog new? I liked your story so much I immediately tried to find another one.
    It’s a great idea: little vignettes about love. The great thing about flash fiction is you can focus completely and without guilt on one aspect of a theme, which I think makes it all the more poignant.
    I’m looking forward to your next one.

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