Celestine again

During the 80s, when they were fresh out of school, Ziggy did everything he could to woo Celestine. The closest he came was as on-call date when she had somewhere to go but no boyfriend to go with. She saw him as no more than a friend.

In their graduation year everything changed. Lex was five years Celestine’s senior, and already forging a reputation. His achievements—short films accepted into festival programs and camera work on a TV sitcom—stacked up impressively against untested undergraduate hopes. Lex married Celestine after a whirlwind courtship. Among Celestine’s friends he was regarded with an abiding suspicion.

In spite of his pretensions it took ten years for the marriage to unravel. Ziggy found out when he called inviting Celestine to the launch of his first novel. Once again he was there for her when she needed someone. But this time there was no one else.

When she moved in with him the novel was on its second reprint. Things could scarcely have been better for him. But Celestine’s penchant for successful men kept him awake. His publisher was hounding him for a follow-up and he found himself unable to write.