Just like him

After a damning audit, Hansie DeJong had been headhunted for the Corporate Compliance job.

When he was introduced Melena did a double take. He looked so much like David. It wasn’t just his rakish build or his high-jawed, sharp-eyed face. His voice, his gait, his mannerisms; the similarity was uncanny.

Melena’s heart skipped the way it had the day she first met David. She could have sworn the newcomer’s gaze had gravitated to her as he outlined his managerial approach.

In coming weeks the feeling of having met the man her husband had once been only strengthened. Hansie had his easy humour, and the ability to draw people into conversations. She loved being around him. David had grown lazy and grumpy. Though she tried to remember what he’d been it was difficult now to see beyond the curmudgeon he’d become.

She started making extra efforts getting ready for work. She found reasons to drop past Hansie’s office. One afternoon he asked if she’d care for a walk at lunchtime.

Two blocks away was her favourite boutique. She was surpriesed—delighted—when he went straight there.

He took two beautiful tops from the racks. ‘Which one do you prefer?’ He held one on the hanger in front of her. ‘You’re the same size as my girlfriend. I wanted to give her something special.’


2011-Richard Holt / small stories about love (smallstoriesaboutlove.wordpress.com)



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