the author

Small stories about love is created by Richard Holt (that’s me), a writer and artist from Melbourne. I’ve been writing for many years, primarily about sport and visual art. More recently my focus has shifted to fiction in both long and short forms. I have a particular interest in writing for children and I’m currently working on a novel (the Rainbow Orrery) for older children and young adults.

I am drawn to fiction because of narrative’s capacity to tap, in unexpected ways, the deeply shared experiences that define our collective humanity.

I was cofounder and coordinator of Platform Artists Group and helped establish the zine outlet Sticky. I was also involved, in an editorial capacity with Dialogue, an innovative cultural journal published by West Space.

I live with my wife, Polly, son Thomas, cat Trixie and a bad case of tinnitus (self inflicted – another past on the grubbier fringes of rock ‘n’ roll). When not writing, cheering on the mighty Bombers or spending time with my family I like getting as far from my fellow humans as I can in the beautiful wild places of this corner of Australia.

You can find more information about my writing practice at Or view my CV here.


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