Cleopatra turned up in first-year Classics,

as spectacular as her royal namesake.

I imagined myself her Mark Antony

but I was merely Cleopatra’s pearl.

She held me out, dropped me

and watched as I dissolved away.

4 thoughts on “Empress

  1. Hi Richard

    It’s been a while since I checked in (due to other commitments) but this is a new gem, or pearl. Are you focussing on the poetic, or almost haiku form now?

  2. I’m working on a zine of these stories, each of six six-word lines. The format seems to toss up plenty of interesting story opportunities.

  3. Hi Amanda and thanks. This 36 word format seems to be working nicely – and I love the shapes the stories form on the page too. Hope you’re writing up a storm. R

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