Until another day

Lola hoped for the best for others. That’s why around midday, when she should have been studying for her psychology prac she found herself thinking instead about Kat and Bryn. They’d been so much in love at first. But since Jersey’s arrival things had been rocky. She liked Jersey but thought she took flirting too far. Bryn had resisted for a month now but it only seemed a matter of time. With his background, too. Settling down wasn’t his thing. Just ask Dee. But Lola had honestly thought that with Kat it would be different. And after Kat’s cancer scare she deserved the best.

Life in Spring Harbour had certainly become complicated. Lola just had to trust, for the sake of her friends, that things would work out.

At least until another day. The theme music played and Lola turned back to her books. But she couldn’t concentrate. That stunt Jersey had played at the charity ball was so unfair. Lola just hoped Bryn would see Jersey at last for who she truly was.


This is a redraft of the story of the same name posted on this day a year ago.


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