Miss Lina’s Book


Miss Lina told 3F.

Groans all round

as the weather closed in,

grey all over.

She thought again of the book.

Set them all a task.

That night she shuffled

their 9 year-old dreams,

Prakash, who loved soccer and ice cream.

Lindy who loved cats.

Little Ken,

the rough and tumble kid from the big family,

who loved his sister.

They all loved hearts—

the curls of them decorated unfilled corners of every page.

Miss Lina added this year’s pages to her book.

Six grades in all now.

She pulled on her coat,

took her umbrella and,

with a fluff of her hair,

headed for Manny’s

and the stool at the dark end of the bar.

(this is an edited version, as verse, of the story of the same name, published on this day, 2010. See about small stories about love)