Three and five. Hansy scooped the dice just as Dee came in. Evens, he thought. So I’m leaving. Evens I go, odds I stay. He turned the ivory-cold cubes around his palm. Ran his thumb along the rounded edges.

‘Careful with those things.’ Dee laughed.

‘No worries, Love. just mucking around.’ That’s what he’d said when he lost the house. He still didn’t know how she’d had the courage to stay. He was just mucking around. He wouldn’t be going anywhere in a hurry.

Best out of three he thought, sending the dice tumbling across the coffee table.


(this is an edited version of the story Against the odds, published on this day, 2010. See about small stories about love)


2 thoughts on “Rollin’

  1. Richard, there’s a theme here …!

    PS Did you ever get into Carver? (Whom I know I’ve mentioned before and about whom I’m thinking of lineage rather than a direct line.) He’s 20 years dead now but the spareness of the pen is still remarkable. I am also thinking of who else might inspire and provoke you. Poets …? Painters …? And …?

    Strangely, Emily Dickinson comes to mind. Call me crazy as I’m not equating you two but there’s something about the compressed epic …

    PPS I am noting that you are continuing your writing discipline.

  2. Both understood the power of brevity…Something I’m learming through these stories. This one has another ellipsis of sorts. I think it’s because the most economic narrative is one that’s implied.

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