Storming the Bastille

After their history tute Errol asked Lisa for coffee. They talked about revolutionary France—a topic distant enough to not be complicated by their shyness. Lisa talked about the French aristocracy in crisis. Errol thought events in America had been underestimated as an influence in Europe.

She seemed to like him. They caught the bus together. Her stop was near his. He knew her house, next to his old school.

Lisa gave him her mobile number—maybe they could work on the next assignment together.

Lisa’s phone beeped. New message. Thnxs for the coffee.

Her heart jumped. Her cheeks prickled. She tapped out my pleasure :-).



Another beep. Wow.

A pause. Another beep. Can I visit U?

sure. NE time.

U mean it – any time?

Sure. Her heart jumped as she spelt out I’d like that.




Where R U?


outside! She walked to the front room and drew the curtains. There he was, across the road under a street lamp, phone in hand.

She texted Hi and waved.

Hi. He waved back.

Rn’t U cold?



No. Then another pause. Can I come in?

Lisa typed OK and was about to hit send. What was she doing? Throwing her phone onto the couch, she raced for the door.

2011—Richard Holt / small stories about love (