Another planet

Lulu, Bree assured him, was cooky. ‘In a good way.’

Good, thought Donovan. Life with Liz had been all rules and expectations.


Lulu tripped, quite literally, into the restaurant, an hour late. ‘I got lost. Can you believe it?’

‘But Bree said this place was just round the corner from you.’ Donovan stood and held her chair for her.

‘I went round the wrong corner.’

Donovan figured he might have taken a wrong turn himself.

When it came to ordering Lulu used her best faux French. The waiter rolled his eyes.

As they ate conversation drifted to topics Donovan knew nothing about—the twitter chatter of stars, the cosmic interaction of Jupiter and Venus.

After coffee and ‘petite fours’ he asked for the bill.

‘You’re cute,’ said Lulu as he handed her her coat.

‘It’s been an interesting night.’

Lulu’s face dropped. ‘I’ve done it again. Guys always say I’m interesting. It’s just me, I guess. But a girl wants more than interesting.’ She batted sad-flirty eyes.

‘I’ve got an early meeting. It’s been lovely.’ When he leant to give her a time-to-go kiss Lulu smiled so sweetly he almost forgot the last two hours. But the meeting story had been true. ‘I’ll see you around.’

‘Yeah,’ she said. ‘See you, Jonathon.’ Then she swayed off in the wrong direction.