She was just plain Celia, a would-be keyboard player. She moved in and started using my stuff. I showed her everything, from the heritage synths to the software that would have made them redundant if it weren’t for their romantic imprecision. Warmth, I called it. Old time fuzz, she said.

She started DJing locally. Changed her name to C Lea R. Started mixing her own tracks. To my ear they were unsophisticated but punchy. What I never appreciated was that Celia was the whole package. All I was was a music nerd with a roomful of gear. Celia was the sound, the look, the attitude. She was the front to plonk a disc in front of anyone who’d listen and wait, all big eyes and techno-feral innocence, until they played it.

Her break came; the remix compilation of a pop hit called With You No More. After a month secretly working on it she played it to me. I was shocked. When I’d shown her my old 4-track she’d used it all around the house. One night it had been recording when we argued. Now that argument was the refrain for her mix.

She left to play a show, returning the next afternoon. She stepped from a flash car wearing a new outfit, motioning to the driver to wait.


4 thoughts on “Sampled

  1. Reminds me of an old movie,you know like the old Mike Hammer,who done it movies? I hope that was your intent? I would have liked to read more,but considering that was a sample.Keep up the good work!!! Terry

  2. That film noir voiced narrative is a great style for clipped prose so works well for very short fiction. Glad you picked that up, Terry. I think it’s there in a number of my stories, sometimes as a conscious reference to the genre and sometimes less consciously.

  3. Richard-The trick is to be able to alternate for the story.And you held to the genre quite well in that work.I lack the concentration to maintain myself in charcter for that type of writing,but I’m working on it! Maintaning yourself in charcter is learned through practice,ask any good actor,or for that fact writer.Because all movies start with a script,or a book! Keep up the good work! Terry

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