Auto pilot

Laura had always been the forgetful type. Just that morning she’d misplaced her keys. They were still missing but she’d found a spare set she’d forgotten she had.

She blinked as she scanned the carpark. His and hers matching convertibles had seemed such a fun idea back when she’d been married to Dan, but it was impossible to pick a sports car out now with so many tall SUVs.

After twenty minutes she finally spotted it and headed for home in an ugly mood. It turned to fiery anger when she found another woman’s stockings in the glove box, where her sunglasses should have been.

She gunned up the driveway and barreled into the house. ‘What the hell are these, and what are they doing in our car?’

Phillip looked up, puzzled. ‘They’re stockings, Darling. I thought the car wasn’t going to be ready til 5.’

She remembered the bus ticket in her jeans pocket. Back at the shopping mall Dan stared, hands on hips, at a pink VW where he felt sure his Alfa should have been.