Honor rolled over, kicked at the doona. Shane was breathing quietly as usual. Her demons were hers alone. It had been five years since the thing with Cleo. He’d said it had been a mistake. Everything about their lives together now was positive. Every daytime hour she counted the blessings of their being together. But sometimes at night the memories—all anger and sadness and confusion—pushed back. It would have been different if she could have walked away—but Cleo wasn’t someone she could so easily turn from. So she’d been a sisterly sister through every family gathering and every celebration, even if her heart wasn’t in it. But what a twist to have to be Cleo’s saviour now. They’d be taking one of Honor’s kidneys in a week—a perfect match. She didn’t exactly begrudge it. She and Cleo had grown up together, after all, and Len was a great guy. They were hoping to start a family together. He deserved the years with his wife that only Honor’s kidney could provide. So Honor would guard her silence again—twist her feelings into a knot no one else could see. She’d carry it through life, alongside the admiration of all and sundry for an act of selfless love she would know was no love at all.