All Armand’s relationships ended too soon. He scared girlfriends away. He was too intense, wanted too much too quickly. That was the way he was. If he couldn’t find love on his terms then he preferred not to search at all. So he retreated into the world of words—it was in that world he found the kind of love he thought he deserved. There was something in the romantic poets that had been lost in the passing of time.

Armand took to adding lines of verse in those places that seemed to suck the passion from his surroundings. He scrawled great words of love on advertising posters and alongside toilet scrawlings. He wrote centuries old verse next to soulless artworks.

He added a first line from Christopher Marlowe to a billboard near his flat. Come live with me and be my love under the passionless pashing of streetwear models. The next day, when he passed, the second line was written in a loopy hand beneath his scratchy script. He added the next.

In three weeks the text was done. Armand added the title across the brand’s logo. The Passionate Shepherd to his Love.

Next day he came to see the response. But the poster had been stripped off. Replaced by one for a pre-mixed drink.


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