The fence

Fiona saw the cops pull up. What had he done this time? Something stupid.

While the officers searched the garage Leroy told her about the stereos.

‘You’re an idiot. It’s always the petty stuff isn’t it? What’s the point? Give it up or we’re through.’


They gave six months. After second month her visits stopped. They still spoke on the phone. He promised he’d go straight.

With two weeks to go she came again, dressed fancy. Her hair different. It was a short visit.

‘I won’t be there when you get out, Leroy. You’ll be on your own.’

‘But I’ll be straight. Honest.’

‘It’s not enough.’

‘There’s someone else?’ He looked like he hoped she’d be frightened.

‘Of course there’s someone else, Leroy.’

‘Who is it? He kept his voice low.

‘Dave Legget.’ Dave was from one of the families.

‘But you wanted out.’

‘Yeah. Out of the petty crap. Two bob burgs and stolen goods. Kid’s stuff.’ Fiona turned to a guard. ‘I’m done here.’ As she rose she whispered. ‘You’re a good man but you’re a looser. Dave can always use good men.’

Legget swung the Merc out of the car park as soon as he saw her. The place gave him the creeps. ‘Let’s go Babe,’ he said.

Fiona settled back, breathing the scent of leather seats.


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