She took a couple of deep breaths, picked up the phone and dialled.

‘Bill Henderson.’

‘Bill, hi. I don’t know if you remember me. Shona. From the cruise.’

‘Eh.’ There was a long pause. She hoped he wouldn’t hang up. ‘Shona. Oh yeah. Shona heh? How are ya girl? It’s…um… it’s been a while.’

‘Two years, yeah. But they were good times.’

Another pause. ‘Oh yeah. Good times. Good times. What ya doin’ with yourself?

‘I just moved back to town,’ she said. ‘Thought I’d look you up.’

‘Yeah. Good. That’s good. You want to get together maybe.’

‘If it’s not too much trouble.’

‘No trouble.’

‘I’m staying at the Dominion.’

‘Then we could start off there. Have a couple of drinks then I’ll show you the sights.’

‘Lovely. When would suit.’

‘Heh, I’m free tonight.’

Her heart quickened. ‘Tonight. Sure. Around six? In the cocktail bar?’

‘Sure. Good to hear from you. Shona. Yeah. Good to hear from you. See ya.’

‘See ya,’ she said.

A broad smile of relief and anticipation spread across her face. She glanced around the chintzy hotel room.

Her voice turned suddenly serious. ‘Right. I’ll wear a wire on this one. I’ll need two watchers. Henry, Paddo you set? Remember no one moves until we get what we need.’