You were the one

You were the one. For years I’d said it was me and Katy all the way. I used to think it was as if I put myself in temptation’s way to prove it. I mean look at the jobs I’d had. The photography studio, then the fashion festival—beautiful people everywhere. The stint at the University—colleagues constantly getting their knickers in a twist over girls with professors and professorships in their eyes.

Where were you then? Bringing up kids in a two room flat. Doing it tough. No time for the glamourous side of life.

And I loved her. Oh how I did. It wouldn’t be fair to say we drifted apart. It wouldn’t be honest. Maybe our perfect life got too much for her. So she took the job interstate. ‘Just see how it works out,’ she’d said.

‘You and me always,’ I said.

The rest you know. I did my back. You were there at the physio sessions, always with an encouraging word. Always with a smile. And suddenly that was all I needed. It was all it took. Those fancy girls and pretty young things had been no temptation at all. But you. You I lost sleep over. You made me weak. You. Forever.