His schoolfriends called him shy like a fox. How could someone so reserved, so undemonstrative be such a magnet for girls? Not just any girls either. The ones Danius attracted were cool and assured. Considered unattainable they were the girls the other boys dreamed about.

He wasn’t a complete introvert. He was polite and good humoured. He knew enough to smile when a smile was called for and never asked pointless questions. But he did nothing to get noticed.

Lee wasn’t the first to imitate him. He bought skinny jeans, began reading in public, even swapped his contact lenses for heavy rimmed specs. He let his hair grow just a little and shaved only every third day. He proved no more successful than before. He didn’t get it. Danius was surrounded by girls. It didn’t even matter about Helena.

Lee watched amazed. She swept through the circle at the end of the platform as noiselessly as a new zipper, splitting them like a wedge splits logs. She took Danius’s elbow, kissed him and whisked him away with just the briefest nod to the others.

What do they see in him, thought Lee, perplexed. He’s not even available.