Anecdote on a wedding day

Though they’d been best friends since primary school neither would have said their roles within the relationship were equal. It was from Ebony that Lisa had learned the important lessons of the stages of her life—how to smoke cigarettes, how to kiss, how to attract boys’ attention and how to cut the same boys loose.

After high-school Ebony went to Europe. Lisa, the studious one, got into architecture. In academia she stepped from her friend’s shadow. She found a new crowd—creative, confident, articulate.

Max was all those things, and rakishly attractive. He and Lisa formed a tight partnership—intellectual and sensual in equal measure.

When Ebony came home her scattered traveler’s attention was drawn to Max. She considered one more life lesson for Lisa—of understanding the order of the world.

Max told Lisa of Ebony’s advances, not out of spite or to be hurtful but because honesty was their thing. There was nothing in the story that couldn’t be repaired or laughed away so the girlhood friendship survived.

Max even recounted the tale at Ebony’s wedding. Only he and the bride would ever know the liberties he took with it.