An incomplete arpeggio

Jade had been working on that one song for a week. It always seemed just another tweak away. It was the chorus that had her stuck. And it was the chorus she needed to get right. That’s what she’d started with—those secret words about how she felt about Bryce. All those emotions knotted together. But without a tune to support them they were nothing.

Around noon he popped his head in. As a teacher, a mentor, he’d always been so happy to lend a hand. He was generous in a way that other men she’d  known had never seemed to be. It made the years between their ages seem such a minor thing.

As he sat on the piano stool beside her she quickly covered the chorus with the verse pages, not wanting him to see what she’d written. He didn’t need the music. He’d heard her struggling with it for days. ‘Try this.’ He played, almost exactly as she had but with something extra in the arpeggio sections.

‘Turn them into triplets,’ he told her. ‘Sometimes it just takes a note in between to spark what you already have.’