Search crews found him on a rock ledge trying to sing. It was something else he’d forgotten. That and his past—growing up, old girlfriends and all the years with me—wiped clean.

At first it was a tragicomic farce. ‘Robert, you say?’

I’d nod

‘I don’t remember.’

‘I know darling,’ I’d say. ‘I know.’

Later, when he understood, he’d get annoyed if he thought I was trying to feed him memories—old songs, photos, anything. So I banished them. The house became blank in their absence.

Until, on my way home one evening, I detoured via the shops. I tried on shoes, bought new stockings and sampled perfume offered by a girl with a rock-hard smile.

When I walked into the house he sat up. I’d taken to pecking him on the cheek as if he remembered. As I did he breathed long and hard, smelling the new scent. Suddenly memories began cascading from him.

They weren’t of me.

I took them, regardless.


2 thoughts on “Rescued

  1. I love this one, Thats quite a challenge to write a love sotry evry day. I’m working on a book about love.
    I’d like to put a link to your site on my blog. Let me know if ok, I assume it is but wnated to check.

  2. Thanks for finding smallstoriesaboutlove, Susanna, and for your kind comment. I’d be happy for you to link to my site (and when I work out what I’m doing I’d be happy to reciprocate too, but at this stage I’m keeping things simple, in accordance with the conditions of my blogging L=plates).

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