Trip of a lifetime

Effie always said Leon was a scrooge. The day he announced they were taking a trip she feared the worst. ‘Where to?’

‘Here. A holiday at home.’

‘You are kidding aren’t you?’

So he showed her the tickets. Monday, dinner and a show. Tuesday a day-spa. Wednesday, a balloon ride and lunch at a winery. On it went for a fortnight. It was strange and romantic and just oddball enough for her to think he’d gone mad. Then he showed her the ring. They’d had the big honeymoon in the tropics that her father had paid for. But her wedding ring had been a typical Leon afterthought, underwhelming and inelegant. Not this one. ‘Happy anniversary, Darl.’ he said.

She glared at him, called him crazy and hugged him. One day she’d get the European trip. With him or wthout him. But this was good. For Leon this was very, very good.


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