They were supposed to be the ones she’d never forget. Leyland, of course. Forty years married, mostly happily. Three kids. She always said she couldn’t complain. After he went there were years of grief then Lester, who surprised her—he’d been a neighbour for so long.

She’d been engaged to Col before Leyland. He was everything her eventual husband wasn’t—a free spirit with energy to burn, but short on commitment when it mattered. Who else? Sam had been the one she’d admired from afar, and when he asked her to the school dance it was as if a wish had been granted.

All gone now. Memories, the lot. It left only Bobby Lowe. The boy who kissed her. Grade four, Long Park Primary. ‘Never heard of him mum,’ said Lola, smoothing her mother’s hair.

‘Oh,’ she said, ‘he was lovely.’


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