Knit One Pearl One

Lara knitted it for him even though she knew he’d go back to Clarice when her placement finished. It took longer than she’d hoped. By the time it was finished they’d already said their goodbyes, which was strange because they’d be seeing each other on campus and out and about. But she took it around anyway. Said it was just something she’d wanted to do for him. Leo seemed to like it, and when he put it on it did look good. She’d never have said he was ‘handsome’ before but the jumper really suited him. He said he wished he’d done something for her. All I have is this, he said, and he scooped her up and kissed her and the old charge flashed between them—the one they’d said they’d learn to live without.

Next morning she got up to make coffee and saw the note open near the kettle. I’m sorry Leo. I should have told you sooner… Lara wondered if that made her second-best. But when she took the cups in he had the jumper on and his big smile seemed to tell her not to worry.