The Inspirers

The bloke in the red shirt and paisley vest made a bee-line for Gemma as soon as the pre-lunch session finished. “He’s a magnificent thinker. Inspiring. Empowering. I feel I could take on the world. How’d you like to do it with me?” He flicked a business card from his wallet by way of introduction. Liam Jones, personal trainer and self-help expert.

Help yourself expert more like, she thought. “Listen I’m only serving the coffee. If you want to chat someone up try the chick in the kaftan over there, with the hoop ear rings and the sandals.” Gemma handed Liam the card she’d been given during the tea break. Fiona d’Souza – clairvoyance & mystic phenomena. “She knows your coming.” As Liam sized up Ms d’Souza across the room Gemma vowed she’d never again agree to work the annual Personal Growth Convention.