The Wicker Chair

‘Pete wants to know if you want this?’ Startled by Dave’s sudden appearance, Analiese looked up at her brother-in-law. He was standing in the doorway with the wicker chair. She’d once loved the way Pete would squeeze into it beside her and they’d stare from the porch at the tropical rain for hours. She’d never realised quite how beaten up it had become. Hadn’t they bought it new? She couldn’t remember.

‘You take it, Dave, if you want. Unless he’d like it.’ But Pete didn’t want it. She didn’t know what he wanted but whatever it was that old chair wasn’t part of it. She liked Dave. He was a straight-up guy. You knew where you stood with him. She was glad he’d come to help. After tonight he’d be gone too. And Chloe and Bob. And for what? From the garden Pete called for his brother to give him a hand with the fridge.