They met at the 25th anniversary convention. Serge was flicking through albums for a Commander Danzle card when Bec, who’d been looking over his shoulder, told him to go back a page. The Dark Ghost in battledress. Serge said he had spares if she wanted one. By the next afternoon they were kissing in the cockpit of a replica SpaceCrew starcruiser. He’d never seen a Queen Zina in size 16 before and he liked the effect. He told her about his collections—cards, games, figurines. She told him about her costumes, and her flat, done out as the flight deck of a troop carrier. And she told him about Rob with his trading cards, and about Lachey’s books and Felix’s fabulous posters. On the last day of the convention she dressed as Sister Zee. She looked imperious. Serge bought her a gold Starship-5 pin and pondered uncertainty.