Jake and Izzy liked cars, football and Zara. Zara liked literature, foreign films, and Jake and Izzy. Theirs was an old friendship. The day she got back to town the boys bought a slab to celebrate. Izzy picked her up at the station. Heat haze hung over the bitumen as they drove to the dam. Iz asked if she had a fella at uni yet. Then he tapped the steering wheel as if he didn’t care either way. Nothing serious she replied. It wasn’t what Jake would have hoped for. He’d been down secretly to see her five times. And he’d see her tonight, after he knocked off. At the pebbly beach Zara stripped into her bathers. More than anything she wanted to feel the cool water against her skin. Izzy skimmed a stone. Counted the hops. One, two, three. Radiating circles on the surface, crossing as they spread. Disappearing in the shimmer of a passing gust.

© 2010